Monday, May 07, 2007

We Have Forgotten

It seems like I'm overdue for a new post. And I feel the need for a good political rant, so here it goes.

I just recently watched the World Trade Center movie. Extremely well done, I applaude the director and script-writer. And EVERY American needs to see this movie. And they need to see it now.

I have to admit, I didn't actually want to watch it at first. I didn't want to remember, to open up again the freshest wound our country now bares (at least in my opinion). But my mom made me. And I have to say, now I'm ashamed of my thoughts beforehand. It's exactly what's wrong with this nation -- we don't want to remember, we just want to move on. I can understand that, but it absolutely destroys us.

As soon as I finished watching the movie, I was so angry. I wanted to fly to New York right away and hold a rally. I wanted to yell at Congress. "Don't you see? THIS IS WHY WE'RE IN IRAQ! This is why we're in Afghanistan! How is it that you've forgotten so soon? What about the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania field? Why can you not remember? Why will you not remember?"

I can't begin to understand why people have forgotten. Yes, I didn't want to have such a visual reminder myself, but I definately haven't forgotten. Not by a long shot. However, I do believe Congress has forgotten.

We need to pray for a change of heart. If we leave Iraq, we hand the terrorists the victory. We might as well just surrender. There is no way to win a war like this when we retreat! It's a war of ideologies. You cannot surrender to that. You simply cannot. I just... I can't believe that America, the victor, the amazing nation we are, will give up so easily. How can Congress be so blind? My stars, what is wrong with left-wing Congresspeople?

Where's Martin Luther when you need him? We need people who will stand for their convictions, not just bloviate. We need a reformation, a revolution in thought. As the next generation, we need to act now. The unpleasant realities of our world demand this of us. Clog D.C.'s switchboard. Flood their post offices with letters to Congressidiots. Spread the word. Pray. Communication is our most powerful weapon in this. And I'd like to challenge anyone who reads this to use their voice to make the line in the sand: "Here I stand, I can do no other."

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Lydia said...

Martin Luther was a role model like no other, but remember, it is not always just a person who knows how to speak. Barack Obama knows how to speak. He's committed. He seems passionate and involved. Do you think God can use him? Well...I'm sure He can, but only indirectly. God can use those devoted to Him directly, but His plan will determine when and where revival will occur. You know? This is my opinion. I'm sure God is beyond my oversimplified ideas, though. ;)

On forgetting - we forget because we choose to. It's easier. It hurts less. And once we forget, we can get back to doing exactly what we like. So...I have to question, is it really "forgetting" if you choose not to remember? I would feel dishonest telling my mom I "forget" when I chose not to remember...