Saturday, April 07, 2007

Resurrection Day

Just a short post. First and foremost, I want to wish anyone who reads this a blessed and glorious Resurrection Day!

I wanted to take a brief moment and discuss what seems like almost a symantics issue until you really look at it. The use of the term "Easter" versus "Resurrection Day". Here are my reasons for not using Easter:

1) Easter comes from the Ancient British name for the goddess of the dawn (Eastre). It's also where we get the word east from. To me, this makes it much too common. And it's strictly pagan in it's roots

2) Resurrection Day is much more precise and accurate. It's not a celebration of the dawn, or spring (as Eastre actually translates from Old English to mean Spring).

So basically, in using "Easter", we short-change the absolute awe of that day... that someone, the Son of God who was completely sinless and blameless, would die for the world, and then was raised on the third day, on Resurrection Sunday. We equate it with a pagan festival, a pagan goddess, when it is something so much more wonderful and amazing.

May God richly bless you this Resurrection Day and always!


jWinters said...

Welcome to the BBOV neighborhood!

I like the idea of using "Resurrection Sunday." It's certainly clearer than Easter. Nice post here....and nice swan! (I'm assuming it's a swan...)

in Christ,

Lydia said...

Perhaps laziness on the part of modern-day worshippers? I know Easter also came in the Spring as a celebration of fertility, life, etc, and it's always just a little too easy to equate one festival with another, though I would definitely argue that ::Resurrection Sunday:: was in the works a lot longer than ::Easter::. :)